More about Steve Lambe

I hail from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Send me an email.

I was born in Sarnia, Ontario but moved early in my life to Marystown, Newfoundland. This is where I first began learning HTML for a school project. A while after that my family moved back to Sarnia where I began to further learn HTML, Javascript, and the shiney new, at the time to me, CSS. During high school I began learning server side languages, primairly PHP, to help bring more to the small sites I built for fun. Eventually this would culminate in me building a very early and simple content management system for a school project which allowed me to write indvidual text files with markup to create new posts and pages on the site.

Said simple CMS would lead me to being recommended to participate in a "High Skills Competition" at the University of Waterloo representing my high school. Sadly at the time the competition was very strict and forced me to have to expidite learning a bit of flash, something I had sworn never to use. I proceeded to not use flash during the actual competition and because of it automatically lost 8 of the 30 available points. I suppose refusing to use a sponsors technology is rude, but I'm proud of my 12th place finish.

After this I would graduate high school with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a High Skills Major and moved on to the University of Windsor. I spent a year in UoW's Computer Science course, but quickly learned that that style of learning just wasn't for me. I moved on to Niagara College and joined their Game Development program for it's inaugural year. Here I honed my skill for working in groups and, most useful to my development, team programming. Through the three year course I learned many many things that helped form how I program today, as well as cemented that I'm not great at digial art, or any type of art really. Learning how to program game engines, AI, and level scripting opened me up to learning many ideas and styles that people normally don't have the chance to.

After graduating from Niagara College I decided that while I loved working on games, I still had a stronger draw to web based programming and so I went on to take a post graduate course at Lambton College in Internet Programming & Database Management. Here I expanded my knowledege of both front and back end systems, picking up Java as an additional programming language, and the Angular Javascript client framework. Through the college I also got to work on multiple projects both for school and on contract. These allowed me to learn many valuable lessons in teamwork and working with clients.

After my year of school I began my co-op at IndustrialWebApps, where I continue to work as a full stack developer with Meteor.js.

Some of my work

I'm a programmer that generally has higher than necessary ambitions. I love playing with new ideas, programming languages, and hardware. I've been programming for over 10 years; starting with HTML and progressing through server side web languages like and PHP. Eventually I moved on to the C languages including C# and Objective-C, and currently I'm using Javascript primairly.