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Aug 28 2016

Personal Project Update 2: It's Been 2 Weeks Since You Looked At Me

That's right, I quoted a song in my title. Get over it.

Well since we last left there has been some updates, but not as many as I may like. This comes on the heels of my now have a bit more new free time since being laid off from my company. I suppose at some point in time I'll add one of those "Hire Me!" ribbon things to the top corner of my site, but I'm not there yet. But now back to our regularly scheduled content!

Eve Online CREST API Node Package: 40% Core fetching works, not I just need to build the most popular endpoints. I also need to add documentation and I plan on adding functions that aren't directly accessible from the core import due to a variety of reasons ranging from them being "expensive" operations, to them just not being that common. I should have a beta quality build out on NPM by Friday I hope.

A Simple Budget Planner: 5% This remains on hold due to a number of reasons. It will not be included in future updates unless progress resumes.

Property Management: 15% This will begin seeing traction again over the coming week or so. The component I needed to get updated should be working again soon meaning I won't really have a reason to not be working on it.

Unannounced Project: Planning Phase I have a new thing that I'm planning out that crosses a number of fields I enjoy. I can only hope I can find interest in it enough to pursue it to a meaningful degree.

Unannounced Project 2: Return of the Planning Phase This is another thing, and that's simply what it will remain until I'm cleared to talk about it.

That is a pretty brief sum up of what's going on right now with the stuff I'm working on. I'll likely have more time to blog about random crap, so keep an eye out for that I suppose. Also here's a picture of a cat:

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