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Aug 10 2016

Personal Project Update: Week 1 - Too Many Projects on the Project Floor!


So I figured a good way to keep me actually working on any of my personal projects is to essentially log their process somewhere, and since this site is about me, my thoughts, and what I do, this is likely a great place right? Well here we go:

Project Status Recent Changes
Eve Online CREST API Node Package 20% Build system is in place.
Core function calls are in place.
Need to make sure the transpile from ES6+ to ES5 works properly.
A Simple Budget Planner 5% Basic templating in place.
Build system in place (Meteor)
On hold while I try to figure some math out
Property Management 15% UI System in place
Stuck waiting for a needed component to be updated. If it isn't fixed by the time the Eve API stuff is done I will rewrite that component myself.
Authentication system in place.
Support ticketing system in place.
Support chat system in place.
SMS/Email reminder service working.

So I guess I should set a goal as well for next week. My main aim is to have more than 75% of the Eve API stuff done and tested. Currently there is no test framework in place on the project, but the expected test suite is Ava as I seriously think that is the proper way to test ES6 modules and components. Jest is also being considered, but is a far second place. I'm doing my best to minimize feature creep, though I know I have a plan for how I want to use it and we'll see how I slot that project in.

That's it for now, we'll see what the checkin next week has in store. I'll probably move these to Friday evenings as that means it'll be before the weekend which is my main time for personal projects.

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