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Sep 10 2016

Project Update 3: Revenge of the Job Search

Quick and simple, not much got done...

No seriously, not much got done. I've been pounding the proverbial pavement (aka the Internet) looking for jobs the last week to fuel my addiciton for setting up servers and tinkering with things. Somewhere in there I managed to keep the lights on for this site as well.

So since there's not much to talk about, let's have a chat about some stuff I have planned for the blog part of the site. First I plan on having a short piece on why I like Redis and some interesting applications for it that I was confronted with recently. I also plan on making a post on Docker, this doesn't have a determined topic. Lastly, at some point in the near future(tm), I will have a post about the future of testing in JS and why I think Ava is far ahead of the curve.

So that's what's coming up there. I also plan on spending some time in the near future either streaming or recording some gameplay, weither that makes it to the videos section I'm not sure yet. On the photography front I'll see what I can come up with. I have a few events with my Cadet Squadron that I'll be photographing, so hopefully I get a few good shots out of that.

In the mean time watch Twitter for hints at the dumb things I'm working on off the clock, and hopefully I can complete some real blog posts in the near future!

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